Our swimming pool and spa covers are the ideal solution to optimise your space while protecting the swimming pool/spa and the people. An innovative solution, able to integrate your project and create value, combining quality, aesthetics and comfort in a single solution.

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Sliding system

The sliding system characterises by its simplicity and elegance. In this system, the whole pool cover moves to one of the sides, blending in with the surroundings. The cover moves over guides which are fixed to the floor and the opening and closing processes are activated via a control panel which will be placed by the pool, ensuring the monitoring by the user and the safety of people and equipment.

Sliding System

LOCATION: Redondela (Spain)


OPENING: Bilateral (Manual)

COATING: Ceramic

Sliding System

LOCATION: Valongo (Portugal)


OPENING: Monolateral

COATING: Deck Composite

Removable Panel System

This solution for pool cover stands out for being an economical, simple solution without the need for any intervention for its application. It is a system of panels that are placed and removed manually, always maintaining the characteristic that defines our covers, space profitability, protection and security.

Lifting system

The lifting system works by lifting the cover and is ideal for small spaces where the maximum use of space is needed. This cover rotates on a fixed point and splits in two, withdrawing to the side and placing itself in the vertical position. The opening and closing processes are fully automated, meaning comfort, safety and elegance at the touch of a finger.

Materials and finishes

Our structures are completely made of 316 stainless steel, a raw material of excellent durability and quality. The surface of the cover may also be coated by several materials to meet customer’s requirements, such as deck, natural stone, glass or grass.