We develop from scratch customised solutions able to meet the needs of each customer.

Computer Trolley

The Proruper model PRTRL6810 trolley stands out for its robustness and elegance. Developed to provide practical and safe use, its movement is smooth and pleasant, adjustable in height with 5 adjustment positions for greater user comfort.


Very robust workbench, with steel structure and 30mm melamine AGL top. The modular system allows the incorporation of various complements to customize your workbench. such as the middle shelf for extra storage space, the perforated panel to support/organize tools or others and also the possibility of installing 1 or 2 drawers, with 3 positions, right side, left side or central. You can also apply a metal top/shelf to the AGL top/shelf for greater resistance to wear and impact, which can be made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. It has holes at the base of the legs for fixing the bench to the ground, or application of casters for easy movement of the bench. Its robustness also allows the application of a bench vise. The finish is heat-lacquered in matt RAL9006.

Filings Cart

PRORUPER filing cart is self-tilting, robust and durable. It has a volumetric capacity of 300lts and a load capacity of 600kg. Designed to be easily moved, this cart also has the possibility of being maneuvered with a forklift. The tipper can be activated by the forklift operator using a steel cable.

Manufactured in 2 versions, a standard one with 4 wheels and an ECO one with 3 wheels, it has an electrostatic paint finish, is waterproof, has a drain for liquids with filter and a tap for easy draining. It also incorporates 2 travel limiters to guarantee the durability of the cart over time.

Disinfection Station

 Taking into account the necessary care with public health, we developed a disinfection station for intensive use, with a capacity up to 1500 doses by refill and suitable for outdoor use. We also value recycling and the correct treatment of waste, because our planet must also be protected.
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Industry solutions

We execute and install a varied set of industry solutions. Some examples are: fish transportation containers for the food processing sector, battery storage for logistics, security protections for high loading docks.

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(Automatic gate)

Solution developed with the aim of hiding the garage door, incorporating the same coating as the facade.

  • Book-style opening
  • Coating with metal bars
  • Automated

Design and manufacturing dossier

  • Detailed study
  • Preparation of a 3D model
  • Customised solution presentation
  • 3D and technical drawing
  • Structural calculation
  • Preparation of project file
  • Continuous and rigorous monitoring from the project to its implementation